Frequently Asked Questions

About our services

We are open to accepting listing from everyone who wants to list their property inside of latur city. That said we currently do not verify the complete authenticity, so unless a property is latur properties verified, we shall not be responsible anything related to the property

We do build houses on contractual basis sometimes. It will depend on the area and the size of the project undertaken. Please contact us in case you want to inquire about this service.

We do not charge anything to list on our website, or to search for your dream properties on our website. Given that this service is free of cost, we are often at resource crunch to get verified the listings on the website. So we recommend that the buyer and seller take their own advisors opinion when getting into a transaction.

All Latur Properties projects are authentic and have highest transparency. We do help our clients with bankers contacts to help in the loan sanctioning process.

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